Pheromone Shenanigans

Pheromone Shenanigans: I remember a time when I went out with my roommates and a few of their friends to the boat festival. There were plenty of girls around to talk to, but for some reason we couldn’t approach in the beginning. Nothing stood in our way except for ourselves. Learn more about pheromone usage tips.

So, instead of worrying about meeting and attracting girls we shifted our focus to having fun. We went up to everyone saying ridiculous things, acting nutty, with the point of it all to amuse ourselves, not anyone else. What happened? We had a wildly successful night. Not only did we meet some amazing girls, but we also met several other people including two heavyset drunken brothers who were hilarious. Warming Up: Another way to overcome anxiety is to remove expectations of which pheromones to use.

Approach three girls at the beginning of your night and pay them a simple complement or say hello and then leave without knowing who was wearing human pheromones. Knowing ahead of time you are not going to fail or be successful helps to lessen the pressure and it gets you warmed up. This keeps your momentum going until you have actual conversations with girls. Learn more about pheromones at

The more positive pheromones experiences you have in your interactions with strangers the more you will become inoculated against anxiety. Pre-visit: Still yet another way to lessen anxiety is to visit the venue where you plan on meeting girls ahead of time to becoming comfortable in the space. Learn more about pheromones at

It gives you a sense of belonging and control over your surroundings and relaxes you. Deep Breathing: When you feel anxiety coming on take a deep breath in through your nose, hold it for two heartbeats, and then release the breath slowly out through your mouth. Repeat a few times and your anxiety will lessen. Muscle Constriction: Another quick fix to fight against pheromonal anxiety is to contract and relax your muscles groups one at a time.

This can be done inconspicuously while at a venue by contracting your muscles without moving them in a flex. Or you can move around quickly or do a few quick exercised to expend nervous energy while still at home. Have a friend with you to remind you to do these exercises when you become tense. Often it is hard to remember them while gripped by anxiety. What if those suggestions are not enough?

Understanding Pheromone Anxiety: When you are exposed to external stimuli, which triggers anxiety an internal dialog takes place. This dialog happens mostly on an unconscious level and draws negative [usually unfounded] thoughts to the surface of real pheromones.

These thoughts typically stem from long held beliefs, which reinforce and create the anxiety. Areas of negative thought come from three main areas: A negative view of self A negative view of the world A negative view of the future From these initial thoughts meta-thoughts, or secondary thoughts, can arise. Meta-thoughts can be either negative or positive and have the ability to change the overall response you have to the original thought. So, the situation isn’t the source, but the thoughts we have in response to the situation and the meanings we attribute to them. Now, that you understand what causes anxiety let’s take a look at a plan for defeating the dreaded approach anxiety with your pheromones.


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