Pheromone Qualifications

This short PDF contains my TOP SECRET pheromone attraction methods that have been wildly successful! The first is my 30% “pheromone” profile, which I used for a long time and is still getting messages from women dying to take me to bed AND I haven’t even been on the site for over a year! 

The second is my breakthrough 50% “Pherazone” profile. This amazing profile went beyond what even I thought was possible a few short years ago! Here’s the deal: Even if you don’t read anything else this “key to online success” will make your lonely, bitter online dating experiences vanish and turn your dating life around almost overnight! Learn more at

Pheromone Qualifications:

Why should you listen to me? Over 6 years of online dating experience with up to 50% success. Over 6 years of pheromone attraction experience with up to 40% success. Over 10 years of cold approach game experience. Several years of learning from natural seducers.  Learn more at 

Experience with traditional pheromone systems since 2005. I sold products to women that cost up to $100,000 per sale. And years of experience with my own system that’s constantly being refined. All told that comes out to over a decade’s worth of experience across half of the major geographic areas of the United States. In that time I’ve traveled widely and dated across many races, ethnicities, sub-cultures, professions, and age groups. So you KNOW this will work for you! To put this in perspective for you most “sphermone eduction gurus” and dating coaches are ONLY successfully hooking up about 10% to 20% of the time. And what’s worse is your regular guy on the street is ONLY successfully getting laid 1% to 5% of the time! Learn more about pheromones at and

Truthfully we laugh at PATHETIC so-called dating gurus and master pickup artists. So, why am I sharing? Why now? Good question. Well, within the next few years I’ll be settling down. And I don’t have any children to pass on my treasure chest of secrets to... So, I’m letting my secrets go. And you’re the big winner! You will be amazed at how easy and effortless this really is once you “crack the code” and get excited about finally gaining the keys to success.

I enjoy traveling, the company of beautiful women, and am hopelessly addicted to movies. I’m also a geek. Not what you were expecting from a guy who’s skilled at attracting and sleeping with beautiful women?

Good. I’m not one of those pickup artist dude who uses cheap pheromones. You won’t see me on television trying to defend some lame system or in magazines. Nor will you see me out there being a “dating coach” to a lot guys who are mindlessly approaching girl after girl. Not going to happen. Know why? The elite of the seduction world aren’t particularly keen on sharing their secrets.

Confident, Powerful Body Language She Will Be Helplessly Drawn To Including the stunningly simple, never before revealed TOP SECRET Alpha kiss think you know, but you have NO idea!


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