Pheromone interaction?

Pheromone interaction? 8. Additional Results: Where there additional results? Phone number or email? Date? Went to another venue with you? Ended up having sex? Approach: This question tells you if you are approaching the girls you want to approach or if you’re letting your anxiety get the better of you. Number: Over time this question helps to establish a pattern based on group size and makeup. Opener: Tests for effectiveness of delivery and material. Conversation: Tests for the effectiveness of the delivery and if you’re able to transition from an icebreaker to a natural conversation. Pheromones Interest: Over time this question helps to establish a pattern, if any, based on a type of person likely to be most/least receptive to a give topic or approach. Transmission: Establishes how likely your approach is at getting girls to change venues with you, tell their friends about you, and how likely it is the information lasts over time. Learn more at 

Pheromone Energy and State: This question creates a correlation between the number of states and energy levels. Also known as the frequency. Too many state changes and you appear hyperactive, too few and you fail to generate attraction. Time of day also has an impact on the number of state changes. Additional Results: If you got the phone number was the number good or not, etc. Used as an overall gage of the effectiveness of your total approach. Statistics to Track: 1. Number approaches made 2. Number of opening lines spoken 3. Number of failed attempts at starting a conversation verses successes 4. Number of failed attempts for additional results verses successes Pheromones Split Testing: Gurus will tell you to memorize three or four opening lines and that is all you need. This tells you nothing and just forces you to memorize more material, which takes away from your conversations and making connections. Instead you are going to pick two opening lin and es. Test them each at least twelve times and see which opening line was the most successful at starting a conversation using natural pheromones. Next time keep the best opening line and replace the weaker one with a new one. This will give you a good idea of your best material suited for you specifically. Some gurus will insist you can open with anything, and you can, but to have real, long-lasting success you have to keep split testing until you find a few opening lines that almost always work with human pheromones. Now, the reason they say you can “open with anything” is because the words to begin a conversation aren’t important. They will tell you all you have to do is to get her attention. All of these things are true, but the main issues I have with opening with anything are two fold. First not having something prepared makes you think about what you’re going to say instead of saying it and it can even lead to indecision so great you don’t approach the girl at all. The second reason is I don’t like to waste my time or words. I don’t want to just get her attention using real pheromones. Learn more about pheromones at and


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