Pheromone are chemicals that bring people together.

I haven't gotten laid in more than a year, and that doesn't surprise me since I stopped using natural pheromones. Pheromone are chemicals that bring people together.

I am a fucking pussy. Until two months ago I had approached 3 girls in my entire life. Because I was scared. Then I met this woman who was interested in me. It was her who chose me though. Then I fucked it up anyways because I was scared to make a move. Boohoo. I love the power of real pheromones. Learn more at

That's when I decided to make a change. It should be me who chooses. I downloaded "get real" and started doing the exercises and also started approaching. I would say it's a really good program. I feel like I have made some changes, but also that I have a long way to go with real pheromones.

This journal is about me getting out of my comfort zone with natural pheromone scents. I will write about my field reports and about things/actions I was scared of. I might also share some of the exercises of the get real program here. We'll see. Learn more at

That's all for now as I am out of time.

So I went out twice since my introduction-post and I did exactly two approaches with real pheromones. Preliminary note: I got kicked out of the club yesterday. But first lets talk about...


Me and a friend of mine decided to go out in Antwerp. We went to this salsa/tango dance party but I really didn't like it there. The music just drove me insane. We left.

We went to a bar somewhere in the center. It was almost empty. There were two girls by a table, and two other girls by another table. It's a bit more scary for me to approach when there's almost no people. My mind goes something like "But everybody will see me".

My friend asked two girls where the party is and talked for a minute with them. He wanted to leave but I insisted on staying for a bit longer. Walked up to the other two girls:
Me: "Hey.. If you girls don't like us, we are leaving".
Her: "Why would you leave"
Me: "It's empty here"
Her: "If you want we can sit with you guys and we will entertain you?"
Me: "Ok"
My mind: "WTF? Normally it's not so easy. Something going on here!"

They join me and my friend at our table and well, appears that she lives in my building. I didn't recognise her. We talked for some hours then we all went home (separately). Had a good night.

We went to a club in Antwerp. Me, my friend and his girlfriend. We drank some in my place first. We were standing upstairs but there were almost no people so I went down by myself to meet some people.

I walk around a bit. Then I see her. A very cute girl with this flower in her hair. She was standing there with her girlfriend who adored female pheromone perfume.
Me: Hey... My friends are upstairs where it's empty so I'm hanging around on my own here.


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