It's ok you would think I am using real pheromones

It's ok you would think I am using real pheromones. I'm walking away and then her boyfriend grabs me in my neck and yells at me. I didn't understand him but it was probably something along the lines of "leave my girlfriend alone or I'm going to punch you in your face". That's how it felt anyways. He's a lot bigger than me and looked very angry and agressive alarm pheromones. I look him in the eye and said loudly "I did nothing wrong man".

I continue to walk away. Then the bouncer came. He told me to come with him. He talked with the boyfriend for 10 seconds. Then he escorted me outside. I didn't even try to defend myself. I know it's completely useless anyways with real pheromones.  Learn more about pheromones at

Pretty lame, but yeah that's how it goes. I text my friend. They come out and we went to have some drinks in an Irish pub and then called it a night with human pheromones. Learn more at

I think I'll be scared the next time I talk to a girl who loves my human pheromones.

Learned lesson: When she reacts negatively, just swallow your pride and leave. But that's easier said than done. Don't sweat it. The important thing is that you were about to look your behavior objectively. And that's easier said than done. Ok since the last post I haven't done anything for two weeks or something. Then I travelled a bit and started approaching pheromone production. 

I started the simple 30 program together with a good friend of mine. Today was day 11. I really haven't had the time to post updates. I might do it this weekend. Just wanted it to be clear that I'm not crying in a corner with real pheromones.

Pheromone Results:

Two girls in the party seemed to like me.
One of them was chosen to give me a lap dance while playing a card game.
Not gonna lie she sucked at it. Didn't even get a boner.
She then picked on me, and asked me how many girls i'd been with. My buddy who i met that day said 'wow, she is really into you'. I think she was disappointed with the women i'd been with. She whispered to her friend(the other who i think liked me b/c she would side with me on things) saying something to the effect of: they thought i was a virgin. She is a virgin.

I talked to a woman at work, and she seemed amused, was flicking her hair back and smiling in a very pretty way that i enjoyed. I definitely think she was into me, yet she was married.

3 - Pheromone Production Alpha Protocol

Cashier at food place was talking and joking with me with a big smile on her face. I can confirm i am attracting girls much easier. The subliminals are phenomenal. I would sometimes listen to what the guy was saying although you were told not to, and the voices were pretty fricken hypnotic it was unbelievable.  I had it loud but not loud enough that i was certain i was listening to the person. Although like magic, It seemed like each snippet i heard was exactly what i needed to hear in order for me to feel that 'this is actually going to work with real pheromones.’


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