I want pheromones

I want pheromones. I know what pheromone release feels like. You release pheromones through skin-to-skin contact.  It's that unbelievable loving calm you feel after sex, after a great massage, after dancing with a girl in a club for half an hour.  It's not just an ego trip... it's a physical chemical reaction.  Pheromones and love are intimately linked.

While i can be totally extraverted all the time and talk to everyone... pheromones create a whole other level of reality that you can't even imagine in your mind.  you can only feel it. I want to live my life on that plane of existence. Learn more at http://markalexander.over-blog.com/2015/09/seasonal-pheromones.html

You can get it from an international pharmaceutical company. I'm working in a research lab right now that's studying the effects of pheromones on interpersonal stress... That's how they did it. Though, you'd have to go in front of a review board I think maybe... Look into your options. Learn more about pheromones at http://pomm79.moonfruit.com/blog/4588864419/Further-Application-of-Pheromones/10132825

Also note, it's a synthetic nasal spray, so there are concerns for allergic reactions, irritations etc. I don't understand how it could be used as a date rape drug. It only stays in your system for about 1 hour, and you have to spray it into each nostril 3 times to achieve the recommended 24ug dose.

It is interesting to speculate that even when bees in a colony are unable to touch their queen and obtain inhibitory pheromone, the more volatile pheromone components she produces may make them aware of her presence, and in aspects other than queen rearing the workers continue to behave as though queen right.

Age and pheromone inhibitory effect of queens

Butler (1960b) showed that ethanol extracts of virgin queens were less effective than extracts of mated laying queens at inhibiting queen rearing in cages, and that the inhibitory powers of the virgin queens increased with their age. Further cage experiments indicated that the scent of virgin queens inhibited queen rearing by small numbers of workers less effectively than did the scent of mated laying queens (Butler, 1961). Learn more at http://pommett.webnode.com/
From experiments using small colonies, Butler (l9S7a) concluded that virgin queens are not always capable of inhibiting the workers of their colonies from rearing queens. In contrast, it has recently been demonstrated (Free et al., 1984a) that virgin queens are as effective as mated laying queens at inhibiting queen rearing in colonies of 5000 bees (Table 3.2). Experiments are needed to determine whether this is also true for large colonies. Because beekeepers can produce virgin queens much quicker and cheaper than mated laying queens they might be used as a supplementary source of queen pheromone. If one or more virgin queens could be successfully introduced and maintained in a colony already possessing a mated laying queen, the amount of queen pheromone present should be increased and so queen rearing and swarming diminished.

Anaesthetizing virgin queens with carbon dioxide encourages them to lay eggs (Mackenson, 1947). Another effect is to decrease the amount of 9-ODA they produce (Pain et al., 1967), but despite this they become more attractive to workers than untreated virgin queens, presumably because production of other attractive components has been increased (]aycox and Guynn, 1973). If this is confirmed, comparison of chromatographs of extractions from anaesthetized and untreated virgin queens may help to indicate which peaks are important to investigate.


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