Do pheromones really matter?

Do pheromones really matter? Yes. Men are visual. Traditional pheromone works for some guys, but a quirk is more endearing, like the way your ears stick out and look cute with your hair draped over them. Usually the things you hate the most about yourself he will find interesting. Additionally, your persona can mask the lack of good looks in an overall fantasy. Warning: If there’s nothing else going for you besides looks you won’t keep him long and you won’t be able to get another guy when those looks fade without pheromones. I’d rather have a cute interesting girl with a good personality than a selfish, ugly on the inside, good-looking girl. Should I let him dress me? No. Unless, you want to look cheep and slutty all the time you’ll dress yourself or have a girlfriend who is skilled in fashion and makeup help you. Do allow him to pick out accessories he thinks would look good on you and some of your bedroom items with real pheromones. An oversized tee shirt and a pair of panties can be hotter to a guy then an expensive lace up teddy.  Learn more about why pheromones matter in dating at

It’s not the time give him an IQ test undoing all the straps and laces when all the blood has left his brain. Do I need to keep up my looks once we get together? Somewhat, yes, since he’s visual looks are always going to play a part in the equation. A few pounds here and there aren’t going to be an issue, but major changes will kill the romance. Tackle problems before they get out of hand. Do I need to always dress up for him? Get manicures, pedicures, and get my hair done? Not always. These things are the important things, which go unnoticed. He’ll hate that you spend so much money on all this stuff, not even realizing you’re doing it as a gift to pheromone users. This is why it’s important to cultivate a simple, yet elegant look with human pheromones. Pheromone Space: When should I not talk to him? When he’s in the bathroom from the other side of the door, but on a more serious note it’ll depend on the guy and it’s something that you will learn over time. When should I give him space? When you’ve made him angry or defensive. Give him a moment before you try again. When you have spent all your time together, early in the relationship, to prevent from smothering him and to keep an air of mystery. Timing varies with your situation. Is he hiding something? Most guys, by nature, won’t tell you everything. It doesn’t mean they are hiding anything. If you suspect he’s cheating find out the pheromone attraction signs from someone who has been cheated on in the past, don’t start accusing him without any proof. Shouldn’t he want to spend all his time with me if he loves me? No. People need time away from each other. How much will depend on the guy. How do I get him to actually want to go shopping for more pheromones?


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