Currently, I am unable to find a pheromone spray for men

Currently, I am unable to find a pheromone spray for men.

This diary is meant to keep me motivated, I would like to write down things I have learned either every day or on a weekly basis about attracting women. I want to be able to gauge my productivity, where and what it is that I want to be headed. I need greater self-understanding, what makes me motivated on using pheromones.

Self-learning, as I have to learn accounting on my own and pretend I knew this all along, key seems to be motivation. I need to find focus and motivation. Be it through nootropics, changing my diet, changing settings to a more  study pleasing setting, anything with real pheromone scents.

I want out of this diary, besides motivation. Learning to acquire new skills quickly as I want to learn. I am giving a month for each of these topics. Obviously, discard anything that is not working and keep anything that is. To paraphrase Shao, I seek knowledge of human pheromones.   I have read: Kaufman's "The First 20 Hours". This helped me quantify my frustration period. If I can thump on my chest, cry on my pillow due to the frustration of my inability to acquire a new skill, practice like you were sprinting for 20 hours. The basics, according to him, will somewhat solidify into a workable skill after 20 hours. If you choose to get a greater understanding, then by all means, you can build on it. But the 20 hours insight, given me invaluable hope. Learn more about pheromones at and

Currently am reading Athena Institute Mastery.

Also, have started practicing from Scott Young's book on Approaching women with confidence Have acquired speed reading and flow based note taking. According to him that is the acquisition phase. metaphors, have been a new addition for this month, in terms of retention of acquired information. For accounting thus far, very, very helpful. Another thing, I have found to be helpful in conjunction with metaphor is visualization of metaphor of how pheromones are used in insects. I haven't written in a while mainly due to a self-reflection period I carried out. I wanted to see how much work could be done if I didn't hassle myself to do it. I am beginning to think giving internal orders is a necessary part of my life. I have to tell myself "alright, break has been over for 2 minutes, it's time to do ...", or something simple as "break's over, do accounting deliberate practice, now".

As expected the inability to focus has been an issue to my self-development with pheromones. It seems I function based on needs. There must be a need to my actions in order to carry it out. An example is when I asked a girl if "we should make out, now" to crying aimlessly when my ex decided she wanted nothing to do with me. I would spend hours and days, polishing my writings enough to impress me. Then I would visualize his pheromone receptors. Learn more at


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