Creating The Pheromone Profile

A pheromone profile doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming, but it’s necessary. The first mistake a lot of people make is choosing their pheromone.  Be carefull, as once you pick one, it can’t be changed without deleting your entire profile and all conversations (applies to pheromone users) and starting over again. Some members also fail to realize their usemame is public. I commonly see a person’s pheromones first and last name used. Obviously, this should be avoided. What you use as your usemarrie isn’t terribly important as long it’s not too harsh or offensive. I always use my college aliria mater initials, followed by an underscore how important pheromones are.

Just as you probably do with female profiles, the first thing women look at (often before they even read your message) are your pictures. Posting pictures is a must to realistically expect replies. In polls conducted by the major sites, the majority of female pheromone members said they won’t bother to read a guy’s profile (and definitely won’t reply) if he doesn’t have any pictures with pheromones.

Never include pictures with other women who use pheromones. It doesn't matter if they are your friends or sisters. Perception is reality when trying to glean a person’s personality froma short summary and a few pictures. Women on a virtual dating site can quickly come under the misconception that you are a player I learned this the hard way after having a beautifiil woman respond simply:

“All yourpics are with other girls... ”

At the time, I had uploaded the pics I thought I looked best in. These happened to include several female friends (funny how you seem to show your best smile when standing next to a gorgeous woman). I responded truthfully to her, explaining that all the women in my pheromone cologne pics were merely friends, but it was too late. In her mind I was already a player. A wornan who is clearly your mother or grandmother is the one exception. Cropping your female associates out ofthe photos is another option. Check out pheromones at

Creating The Pheromone Profile

Post pictures that show you in a group setting to project the image that you are sociable and outgoing. Also include at least one pic that shows you doing something active, such as skiing, wakeboarding, surfing, etc. . .to project that you are also an active guy. . .not someone who sits around all day surfing dating websites. Make sure to indicate which person you are, by the color ofyour clothes, in the descriptions listed with these photos. Until you do it, you don’t realize how difficult it can be to pick out a stranger froma group ofother strange faces in consecutive photos. You will notice this effect mirrored in female profiles. I frequently have to scan back to a woman’s first picture several times and play Where’s Waldo to figure out who she is in a string ofensuing group photos. Ifa woman doesn’t have the patience to play this game (they have this luxury in online dating) you may be skipped over. Indicating who you are in each picture’s description is a quick and easy way to avoid this. Learn more about pheromones at


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