because lot of the pheromone interactions

Doesn’t mean you will do it, because lot of the pheromone interactions will be very short, but even if you could just make her feel better, throughout the d ay, You know, just the idea, that someone took out time to interact with her pheromones to make her feel better, to talk to her, to converse with her, is an improvement.

So, maybe she feels better for the rest of the day and then she gets a bad news or something that doesn’t turned on the way she expected later on, but she is turning off at a higher point in pheromone production. Learn more about pheromones a

And she feels better, and she doesn’t goes as low as she would have before without her pheromone perfume. And in some cases, going too low, means she could have done something stupid, you know, like maybe in a huff quit her job and then cause herself financial difficulty.

 So, even those small impacts make a difference with real pheromones. So, there is a exercise, that will help pull all of this together. All these emotions together, because you want them available on pheromones.  And really the ultimate is that, they will all become a part of you, who you are, so really you won’t need to do this. These are the things that, you know, I do easily, they are just kindda part of who I am now, I don’t have to think about it with androstenone pheromones.

 If I g o and open, I just go and open, and they are gonna get the full, you know, force of my power when I open and it’s not gonna be anything like a lot of effort on my part. It’s gonna be a very easy, very smooth level of power and they know that they are talki g to someone different with real pheromones. Learn more at

They know that they are talking to someone who, is not getting himself downgraded by all his other stuff like, what will people think? What will that guy think? What will people think if she rejects me due to her pheromone attraction? And all that stuff. I read a lot the question that were post before the teleseminar and ya, I mean its, there is a lot of crazy stuff going on, and it’s not necessary and has nothing to do with opening, it’s just there pheromone power.

But, these thing will help you just kind of like…push those of to the side, like whatever. So, the exercise is called, circle of excellence , I got it from NLP. There are many versions out there, if you can google it.

But, make sure you pick the simple pheromone spray. There are lot of knuckle heads who go and complicate things, and over - complicate things. It’s a very simple exercise. And in 2006, I actually took a bunch of lair members through this. And, I have forgotten how powerful it was. But, on examination of, you know, going back and dating back through and looking at what t he results were. I realized that it was very beneficial and now I am giving it to your pheromone review.


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