Basic Steps With Pheromones

So, here’s the basic step, you start off in a neutral state and then you imagine a circle on the floor in front of you. And you step into the circle and begin to generate whatever pheromones is that you are trying to generate.

 So, in our case it would be androstenone pheromones. So, you step into the circle and begin to generate the emotion of curiosity. Learn more about pheromones at

And as long as you are increasing or holding that state of curiosity you stand and as soon as it begins to drop then you step back out. And you get back to the neutral state and then you step in and begin to generate more pheromones.

Once you are able to generate it at a higher level then you could do it on command, then it seems we are done with that one, and then you can go on to the next one, so sexually intrigued pheromones.

You start off in a pheromonal state and then you go in and you develop, bring up that emotion of sexually intrigued pheromone. And then you do same thing with playful. Here’s one thing that I haven’t seen in the other versions, but you do the same thing with certainty.

So, you have done this on four emotions 1) Interested or curios 2) sexually Intrigued 3) Playful and 4) Certain. So, then you change these together, so you have four circles la id not on top of each other, but in a sequence, so that as you are walking, each step puts you in another circle. So, lets say you started the walk and you right foot comes in the curious circle so you master up curious and then you take your next step wit h the left foot and then you are in sexual pheromones circle and then you use your other foot, your right foot and then you are playful and then your left foot again and then you will be in the certainty. Learn more at

The goal there is that as you are moving, as you are walking forward you are able to generate these emotions and you are doing it in a very smooth and powerful way so that as you are walking you have all these emotions with your pheromones.

And if you have those things, those emotions as you are just walking around with the intention of opening, you will experience that lot the things that the fears and so forth that I read about in your surveys. Because when you have those emotions, you don’t have access to those other doubts and fears and other feelings with pheromones.

 So, of course you can add any other emotions that you think that would be helpful. But I would caution you against adding too many because they begin to compete with each other and create strange things. So, really I feel like those are the basic four that are gonna get you the most mileage and caution you against over complicating pheromone perfume.


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