As for female pheromone reactions today

As for female pheromone reactions today. A girl at work seems to look at me often, which leads me to believe she likes me. I saw a girl in a bus was looking at me also. Deep down i'm not sure if this is my own attractiveness, and it's just me noticing it a lot more, or it's that i'm actually schpeeling out more gonad juices? Well, i don't know for sure. Of course, if i'm being hypnotized subliminally, who know what is actually going on. I could have some sort of subliminal hypnotic pheromone attraction. really all i know is that i am enjoying this. Learn more about pheromones at

Not much to say for today’s use of pheromone attractants.

There was a girl at the gym. She was with her BF. I felt an unspoken attraction from each other. Although this is pretty much mind reading (intuition), so this probably doesn't count so much.

My mood has been going down these last two days, although not from the subliminals. I feel melancholic. Obviously i know why, but this isn't a journal for that. Could affect results. I've been a bit more negative cause of it. Not to sound negative, but don't you think that some of the events could be just a coincidence? Girls would react to your pheromones if you are close enough but if I recall , 2 examples you gave above, the girl was far from you. For example, the girl on the bus in your post #6, maybe she would've looked at you even if you weren't listening to the hypnosis. She probably found you physically attractive to your pheromone perfume. Learn more about pheromones at

I'm not an anti-pheromone theory guy, I've tested it before too, it's just an observation on human pheromones.

Either way, I'm interested in reading more. Please keep going. Day 6 Sat next to older woman(8+ years) at work for a meeting. After she said hi she kept staring at me with a slight smile.

**i need to add a note, that im new to work, so its not like ive known these people and now they are very reactive with his pheromones.

Went to dinner with friend. Young pheromone girl looked at me like she liked me. She was attractive. And i could have said hi. She was with 2 other girls and 2 other guys. I pussed out Had a girl i know over. Didn't do the night session because of that. Aug 8

I'd encourage you not to skip a night. When you are reprogramming your subconscious it's important to do it consistently seeing you are rewriting deep beliefs.

Sounds like you're getting some good stuff happen so far though. Does it mean, that you haven't been out, so that you cannot report any experiences, or that you did not listen to the subliminals?

Because you can easily loop them, while you sleep so that it is all pretty effortless when your pheromones are detected by the vomeronasal organ.

What i did notice is that i am sweating much more and that i am more relaxed when out, but this may also be from the anxiety free mp3 by the same author.


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