Thursday, December 22, 2016

women who don’t like your pheromones

The vast majority of women who don’t like your pheromones or your thumbnail simply won’t respond, however there is a small percentage of woman who will respond in a negative fashion. Some of these women are just being polite and letting you down nicely. With stronger pheromones. Others are bitchy by nature or having a bad day and need to vent. There are two kinds of negative response: truly negative or mildly negative. Here are examples of truly negative: “Thank you for your message but I’m not interested. I hope you find what you’re looking for!” “Wow you sound like a douche.” “OMG you’re older than my dad! Gross! Fuck off pedo !” 

Yep, these are truly negative human pheromone responses. These women have no interest in you whatsoever, regardless of what you do. Just delete them and move on. Do not respond to them unless you have time to waste and you enjoy drama. Mildly negative responses would be things like: “You’re cute but I’m really not looking for a guy who lives in X.” “Wow, your pheromone scent is a little offensive.” “You realize I’m 14 years younger than you, right? I think I’m too young for you.” If you get a mildly negative response like this, it often is worth a confident, non-needy reply. Often, women saying these things actually are attracted to you, or are at least curious about you. Otherwise they would not have taken the time to craft a response. I have dated and had sex pheromones with many women who have sent me mildly negative responses like these. Just send one short, light hearted, non-needy response, end it with a question as always, and see what happens. If you don’t get a reply or get another negative response, then move on. You might actually get some interest, though; then proceed as normal. Learn more about pheromones at

So what should you talk about during this pheromone production phase? Lots of guys don’t know where to start or what to say. The easiest technique is to come up with interesting questions for her to answer.  Check out pheromones at

Women like answering fun, unusual, or thought-provoking questions. It also sets you apart and lowers the odds of her vanishing. Here are a few examples of questions you can ask during your second or third exchange. “What are your two best qualities that have nothing to do with your appearance? I have my own guesses but you would know better than I would. :)” “What’s the most exciting thing you’ve done in the last two weeks?” “What makes you different than other women? If you had to pick one thing I mean.” “How happy are you with your life on a scale from 1 to 10?” Notice the vibe of these questions. They’re all fun, interesting, and present a different tone than the stuff most guys online are talking about. They’re also presented very casually, as if you were talking to one of your buddies down at the bar. Don’t ask questions like you’re some kind of college professor. Use very casual language. Use smiley faces :). Smarter or more highly educated men tend to use more cold , professional language during their dating site messaging, and this is a mistake. Think relaxed, nonchalant, even a little careless (but with no spelling or grammatical errors!). All you have to do is simply get her answer, answer any questions she gives you, and throw her another question. It can either be a new interesting question or better yet, a question based on the answer she gave you. Once you get to about three exchanges, pitch the first date. Very simple. Learn more about pheromones at

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Your Pheromones Profile

Just like with the pheromones in your profile, if you make any errors like this, your response rates will drop like a stone. If you follow the above rules, you will have just separated yourself from 98% of the other hundreds of messages she’s gotten from all the other nervous, needy, horny, creepy, douchebag guys on the dating site. If you’ve been violating any the above rules on pheromone attraction, you will experience an immediate boost in response rates just using openers that follow them. Some dating sites provide a place for the title of the message. You need to use this to pull her into reading your message. Remember, many women, even the ugly ones, get literally hundreds of messages from guys. You need to stand out. Make the title silly, like “Purple socks!” or open ended and curiously building, like “When I read your profile, I thought…” or qualifying, like “ Hm , not sure…” Learn more about pheromones at

There have been many debates about which type of pheromone spray is better.  You will have better luck with androstenone pheromones. Sending out tons of copy-and-paste openers that are more or less identical, or sending out customized openers, individually crafted for each woman based on her profile?

Learn more about pheromones at

There is no debate, because they both work. Copy-and-paste openers work well, and customized openers work well. Each has their pros and cons. Customized openers take much, much longer to do. Why? Because you need to read profiles, and as I’ve already talked about, if you have to read hundreds of profiles you’re going to be spending many hours online that I don’t have to spend to accomplish the same results with the natural pheromones. Guys who like customized openers respond to this argument by saying that response rates are often higher when using customized openers than with copy-and-pastes. 

This is often true (though not always). The problem is that I and thousands of other men over the years have been using nothing but copy-and-paste openers with massive success, while spending very little time online when using cheaper pheromones. This is why I am still a fan of copy-and- paste openers and use them exclusively. In the last few years, I have taken one small step in the other direction by using the woman’s name (real or profile name) in the opener, which is item number nine above. I’ll glance very quickly at her profile, see if she states her name in the first sentence or two, paste a copy-and- paste opener in a message to her, and quickly fill in her name where I need it. This is a good balance between copy-and-paste and completely customized openers. If you would like to use fully customized openers, and you accept the fact that it will easily triple or quadruple the amount of time you will spend on dating sites/apps, then go for it and don’t let me stop you. Just be sure to adhere to the ten rules above regardless; they apply to both copy-and- paste and customized human pheromones. Check out pheromones at

Don’t use this. Instead, use the sites and send out actual pheromone samples.  If a site offers swiping and messaging opener functions, always opt for the messaging instead of the swiping of pheromones.

Monday, December 19, 2016

session on how pheromones work

Let's get started! A quick overview of what you are going to get in this session on how pheromones work: Week 1 is all about making sure that you picking the right pheromone product,such as Pherazone.

If you get this wrong then it doesn't really matter what you learn. It is very important you pick the right one. It is worth a week's time to go through what we are going to teach you on how to pick some really good niches that you are passionate about and that you are actually going to care about and be interested in. Also, (you need to ensure) that there is a market. We will also teach you how to brainstorm the human pheromone market.

I know you have a passion for your pheromone spray. You have been a brain guy forever. You have a degree in Psychology and you have been studying the mind for decades. You got into something that you are absolutely passionate about. I think if you are doing something that you don't absolutely love with natural pheromones or have a connection with, then something is wrong. You can't put the money first and then hope to get passionate about it later. I really want you to pay attention to that. We will give you some specifics that you can cover on how to make sure the market is the right scale and that you have an opportunity to make more pheromones. In addition to that, we've got some great materials on how to brainstorm your pheromone concentration. Learn more at

I was pretty shocked after thinking about it because usually the girls don't continue it, but she rolled with it.. Just like how she agreed to being a loser when I jokingly called her one on text.

This shows the value I had diminished for myself because she is basically overriding my teasing.

For example, when a girl teases me I roll with it because I couldn't care less.. If I cared then I would be focused on the tease - i'd get lost in the frame because I wouldn't look at it like teasing, i'd look at it like an attack on my image and I would want to maintain my value.

She didn't look at it like that because she wasn't afraid of how she looked to me because she already 'knew' that I value her. Learn about Pherazone Ultra pheromones

Friends tease each other all the time, those teases are jokes that get one another laughing. - You're looking at the tease like the joke that it is. Learn more about pheromones at

You have a mutual understanding that the tease is a joke because your all solidified in your image. I feel like the idea of provider can be equivalent to either a 'nice guy' (sucker) or a masculine man whom has completely dominated the woman and is now able to share intimacy with her. In the second state, the man is showering her in love because she is now responsive to that love - she is completely his and he is sharing himself completely with her, now that he owns her pheromone oils.


Last time I spoke to this one guy at the gym he nodded me off a bit and I thought in my head 'he's prob having a bad day, but I'm not going up to him next time" so today went through and I saw him. I was working out with my friend and just pretended like I didn't see him. He came up to me and shared with me all the news that's been going on in his life the past week with pheromones.

Understanding how Pheromones work for me

Athena Institute pheromones are one of the oldest and most well-known brands on the market after being featured on a news story run on ABC’s 20/20 program.

Understanding how Pheromones work

Something that women do to men when they fully love themselves - they bring up all the different types of conversation material in order to better 'connect' with the man - subconscious before they bring up any material into the conversation they think 'will this show him that I'm on his level of pheromone production?'

From that perspective, we are connecting to the person through validation in order to qualify ourselves as someone that understands the moment of life that they are in. (Wether it's the girl or the guy for whatever reason)

The validation is used to qualify, the pheromone attraction qualification is used to show the other person that you know exactly where they are.

Then, when the person disqualifies themselves, they are showing 'but, i'm not so sure' and then that causes the other person to validate their existence after realizing how sure they are (because they've been qualified) <-- This is used as negging by women to try and yank the guy in, and it can be used in marketing to yank the person in with pheromone signals. Learn more about pheromones at and

How Pheromones have helped me

Today was the last class, so after I walked out with Jenna (the chick that sits across from me) and we walked for a bit and I was about to turn around to go see Korey again (because she stays late on the computer) but Jenna didn't realize so she said "come with me" - she really wanted me to exchange info with her but I told her my intentions and bid her ado. Learn more about pheromones at

Went down back to Korey and teased her endlessly the whole time.. And the end I told her that I needed to go and this time she initiated the hug with me.

I texted her: "Stop ignoring me and hang out with me sometime"

She didn't respond and if she doesn't, I'm quite sure my fuck ups from earlier sealed the deal. This time I was 10Xs more masculine than I had been before (since I have stepped into dominance and out of sensuality).

I texted her that because if she was bouncing with the vibes I just gave her, she'd realize that I wasn't the man she perceived me as in the beginning. - I could have been more smooth, waiting for a time to ask her out again, but I really didn't wanna ask her out again - I was using it more as an opening, to see if anythings even there. If there was, she would have texted me back with a blush feeling shameful for ignoring me.

Regardless, i'm not pressed, it was a learning experience and I'm happy.

One interesting thing though (it points to all the damage I had done to my value from my past actions): When I was impersonating her, she would continue the impersonation - like continue the joke with the impersonation.