your posts on how pheromones work

I had a quick skim through your posts on how pheromones work.

You are 35 and have slept with only one girl who wasn't a hooker. (I'm not trying to embarrass you - just laying out background.) You seem to be operating on a different wavelength from most people. I'm not saying this is bad, but it will probably be freaking a lot of girls out with pheromones. It looks like things are pretty much the same for you as when you posted this thread over 3 years ago;

Forget about this girl. She is an irrelevance. Overanalysis of a trivial situation. I know it doesn't feel like a trivial situation to you because your experience is so limited and your world is so small. You have much bigger issues to deal with. Learn more about pheromones at

If you are serious about improving yourself, you need to forget about picking up girls and work on making your world bigger and overcoming your social anxiety. All the group buys you are participating in a are a waste of time and money. Unless you just like collecting material. They are a substitute for action for you - for your fear is great when you use Pherazone. Learn more at

You say you've been to a therapist. Fair enough. I'm sceptical as to the value of human pheromone cologne in most situations. The biggest factor for individual change is action - this is a great truth. You need to act. No one's asking you to start cold approaching. But you need to start gettting social, from however small a level and then ratchet it up incrementally. Join toastmasters or something. (That  may be too big a leap for you at present. Find something you think you could handle where you think no one is judging you. Find some voluntary work, help out at the local church, do Meetups whatever. You need to start talking to people. Forget pickup.) Start small. Work your way up.  But act you must. Or stay the way you are. Learn more about pheromones at

If you say you want a reply from people similar to you should state that. You say you have autistic traits, which is what I suspected from your previous posts. I also suspected that you didn't have a job but I didn't want to leap to any conclusions. I don't know how many autistic guys are on this forum and who are successful in life and/or with women. Maybe they will speak up.

I am in the UK. No, people here do not get punished for trying new things. The problem is not with the UK. There is a strong element of self-pity in your posts - but I don't blame you. Although I'm not autistic, I do know from personal experience how 'comforting' feeling sorry for yourself can be. It may be all you have after a lifetime of frustration without natural pheromone production.

It's good that you are off medications. They are unlikely to help your situation.

The problem is that you are wired differently from most people. You are in a radically different position. Mainstream pickup advice, if there is such a thing, is not going to help you, it's not aimed at people like you. The only thing that, I think, can help you is radical action.


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