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Just like with the pheromones in your profile, if you make any errors like this, your response rates will drop like a stone. If you follow the above rules, you will have just separated yourself from 98% of the other hundreds of messages she’s gotten from all the other nervous, needy, horny, creepy, douchebag guys on the dating site. If you’ve been violating any the above rules on pheromone attraction, you will experience an immediate boost in response rates just using openers that follow them. Some dating sites provide a place for the title of the message. You need to use this to pull her into reading your message. Remember, many women, even the ugly ones, get literally hundreds of messages from guys. You need to stand out. Make the title silly, like “Purple socks!” or open ended and curiously building, like “When I read your profile, I thought…” or qualifying, like “ Hm , not sure…” Learn more about pheromones at

There have been many debates about which type of pheromone spray is better.  You will have better luck with androstenone pheromones. Sending out tons of copy-and-paste openers that are more or less identical, or sending out customized openers, individually crafted for each woman based on her profile?

Learn more about pheromones at

There is no debate, because they both work. Copy-and-paste openers work well, and customized openers work well. Each has their pros and cons. Customized openers take much, much longer to do. Why? Because you need to read profiles, and as I’ve already talked about, if you have to read hundreds of profiles you’re going to be spending many hours online that I don’t have to spend to accomplish the same results with the natural pheromones. Guys who like customized openers respond to this argument by saying that response rates are often higher when using customized openers than with copy-and-pastes. 

This is often true (though not always). The problem is that I and thousands of other men over the years have been using nothing but copy-and-paste openers with massive success, while spending very little time online when using cheaper pheromones. This is why I am still a fan of copy-and- paste openers and use them exclusively. In the last few years, I have taken one small step in the other direction by using the woman’s name (real or profile name) in the opener, which is item number nine above. I’ll glance very quickly at her profile, see if she states her name in the first sentence or two, paste a copy-and- paste opener in a message to her, and quickly fill in her name where I need it. This is a good balance between copy-and-paste and completely customized openers. If you would like to use fully customized openers, and you accept the fact that it will easily triple or quadruple the amount of time you will spend on dating sites/apps, then go for it and don’t let me stop you. Just be sure to adhere to the ten rules above regardless; they apply to both copy-and- paste and customized human pheromones. Check out pheromones at

Don’t use this. Instead, use the sites and send out actual pheromone samples.  If a site offers swiping and messaging opener functions, always opt for the messaging instead of the swiping of pheromones.


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