Why do we like pheromones?

A) She outright says it: "So, we're going to your place right?"
B) She is qualifying herself to you - showing you the best more exciting parts of her that would possibly show you that she's valuable enough for you to notice

The problem with these pheromone signs is that they are showing feelings that they have towards us for that SPLIT MOMENT. SO, the moment we look back at the girl that's staring at us and we BREAK THE TENSION with a 'nice guy' smile, we break the tension, we break the attraction.. Why? Because you didn't dominate. You didn't show her that she's not worthy of anything unless she is.

Rather, you could have gone up to her and told her that you saw her staring at you and realized that she has interesting eyes and you normally talk to girls with interesting eyes... All done in a masculine tone, without a smile with natural pheromones. Learn more about pheromones at http://pheromones-work.weebly.com/pheromones-in-humans.html and http://mpommett.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-4.html

Onto sexual pheromones movement:

For a long while, I had a misconception that I needed to be extremely sexual in order to build attraction.. But attraction builds from tension that's based on dominance.

I just wanna say that the domination doesn't need to be toned with sexuality.. The domination builds tension regardless.. You don't need to be focusing her on her body.. In fact, doing that makes her feel like you're really interested in her body.. Think to yourself, is that really the frame you wanna set?

What if you dominated the fuck out of her, and then let her realize that she was good enough to fuck you when you decided that it was time to fuck her..

Tension is based on their feelings for your pheromone attraction. Regardless of your sexual attention to them. If you have already built up enormous tension between you two and you had dominated her a lot - she committed to tons of shit, she is giving her body and actions to you... THEN, you can EASILY get her to comply to anything.. And when she's complying to anything - reach your hand out to her.. pull her in, stare her in the eyes and start making out.. Or anything, literally. When you dominated her and made her commit to breaking more of her boundaries each time that she signaled that she has feelings for you... Well, now you're setting the mood and she's complying with excitement of cheap pheromones.

Yano, the other day the whole idea between lover v. provider finally clicked in my head. Now, in the right context it may make sense to be a provider after a while - if you find the girl awesome and you wanna be in a monogamous relationship..

But, you should never start off any relationship with a chick in the mindset of a provider. Because in a sense, the provider is a 'nice guy' just with money. If the girl is not entitled to your $, then why the hell would you spend it on her? Because you don't know how else to get her to want you.


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