What I Have Come To Realize With Pheromones

I have come to realize that using human pheromones similar to PUA in a couple senses:

In PUA, one of the objectives is to qualify yourself to the person so that you become the source of validation..

What does it mean to qualify? - To show the other person that you are of the same moment in time - that you understand their current position in life and have the same outlook. As an alpha pheromone user, I screen and girls qualify me. This is because I am not willing to succumb to a lesser level of existence, and so I need the girl to prove to me that she is of the same moment in life that I am.

Just like with girls, if you want to connect your product with the person, you need to show them that you fully understand what they're going through - you need to qualify yourself by pinpointing the exact moment in time that they're at, along with the internal state and external state that that moment creates natural pheromones. Learn more at http://all4webs.com/cirrusdate6/home.htm and http://webstyletalk.net/pherazone-ultra-blew-me-away

The external environment is how we are perceiving the world around us - the frame we are coming from and from that frame, and the beliefs of the situation we are in. The internal pheromone environment is how we are reacting to the situation - the emotions we feel and the beliefs that those feelings cause us to think about pheromones.

As well, we also need to take the level of expression into consideration - we need to note what the person's level of emotional expression is.  Let me explain this a little further: As I have stated in previous posts, the more I grow an intimate connection within myself - the more warmth I create, the more I am able to express my giddiness and joy for life. Now, this expression causes a natural screening between me and other people because those who are not at my level of inner connection cannot express what I can, so when I am around them expressing how I do - they normally will feel 'stuck' like "ahhh.. what do i do... what do i do....' Learn more about pheromones at http://youthbruce.com/pherazone-ultra-amazing-read-review/

This is the same - they are expressing pheromone attraction in congruence with their internal and external state in a specific manner - through gestures, tone of voice, body language, slang, etc. <-- All of these things need to be mirrored back at them to show them that you completely understand where they are... That you are from the same moment.

Then, once they realize 'woah, shit.. This guy understands me! :-O' you validate their existence.

You validate their existence by having tons of empathy for them, you talk to them like they were talking to you about the problem and you were best buds.

Then, you disqualify yourself with natural pheromones! You tell them that you've been there and that you are now here.

This is an obvious sequence to all people that study marketing with the fantastic resources we have in TV and TP, but I haven't ever heard it put in this analogy and as I was reading "The Language of Trust", the connection really came to me


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