was wearing human pheromones

I have been with this girl 2.5years, we were planning to rent a flat, live together and if everything worked out create a familly.  I met her when I was wearing human pheromones.

Last 8 months I was on delegation and I have been seeing her only during weekends. I was tired because I had to drive 700km spent max 2 days with her and then drive back to work. Last 8 weeks were harder because I was overworked and tired. I wasn't paying attention to her as I would like to, it became routine, totally different from times when I saw her every day.

She had a lot of problems with my choice of pheromone cologne during last 4 months, throat problems, stomach problems and head pain. A lot of stress at work and very irritating flatmates.

Last week she told me that she thinks there is no future for us if I a choose to still wear pheromones. She told that she does not know what her feelings are and she is very tired and needs break from everything. That hit me very hard because all I was trying to do is to get better cash so we could have better and more confortable life. I had some tears and couldn't sleep for 3 days. Learn more about pheromones at http://pomm79.moonfruit.com/blog/4588864419/Our-Sensitivity-to-Pheromones/9620689

She told me that I can not make a decision where we are going to live and she is no longer feeling like a woman near me, more like friend and that she has a lot of respect for me. Long story short I had negotiations for better job in other city. From my perspective I could not make any decision without having complete offer on paper (it would be stupid to resign from my current job without an better alternative only to show her that I can make "decision". She often asked me where we are going to live and I told that it is dependent from negotiations. This negotiations ended 2 days ago but was to late for her to use more natural pheromones. Learn more at http://hatsneeze3.soup.io/post/680684703/Understanding-Your-Pheromone-Performance

When she told me it is over I resigned from better job offer and ended my constant delegations. She wanted to rent new because of her current flatmates and so she did. I helped to pack and move all her belongings. I have also moved back to city where she lives, since currently she does not want to live with me I am staying at my friend's house and looking for temporary flat until all that mess is resolved with true pheromones.

I deeply care for this woman and I would do a lot for her, she is very atractive but her personality has the greatest value - I can not explain why, maybe this is called love pheromones.

We spent some time last 2 days moving things from one flat to another, we still enjoy time spent together, she hugged me and kissed in the cheek on goodbye, from what I understand she also does not want to just throw away this time we spent together, I think she wants to be "seduced one more time" and threated like a woman by a man that she fell in love 2 years ago. But I have no clue how to accomplish that.


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