Using Your Own Pheromone Cologne

Now if you have your own pheromone colognes, it’s a very good exercise to go through. And kindda see, where you are missing pheromone communication signals that means, if you are throwing out, the worst thing you can do is to not making it clear which game you are playing. Learn more at about pheromones at 

game, you are just making it hard on yourself . What I am doing right now, is I am actually looking for another brand of pheromone perfume. (Just hang with me for a second guys.) (Last call, I just wanna see if there is anything I can point out in LR Last Call. I don’t write that many field reports anymore, so I gotta see. ) Learn about pheromones at

Okay, so, there is also a like a fuck up here, the girl that I wanted was a MILF, then the material creepy over her. Nice, I assume fake breasts. So, basically what happened here is first of all I was drunk. Second of all, I went too far into trying to c larify the game when I wasn’t clear as a player on a pheromone attraction level and not even that. Check out pheromones at

Ya , that was it. So, am gonna all chop that up to primarily drunkenness , there is not a lot to learn besides, don’t let your friends buy you double shots of bitter rum all nigh t. (Alright, let me see, go on this one, not really.) Okay, so 55:00 min this is the case of me being an automatic. 

So, I don’t really have to worry too hardcore . There’s an SNL and I do lot of teasing. Strawberry Fields, number close. Okay, here’s one , “So, you are going to call me?” Now, that’s not explicitly, but “Are you going to call me?” Were you there or already enjoying each others new pheromone scent. Learn more about pheromones at

It’s after by this time it’s already 2:15 or 2:30. My alarm pheromones singal response actually helps to clarify a little bit or at least k eep to open the possibility of a short time frame sex gam e to be played that night. So, she says, “Are you going to call me?” and I say, “we are here together, right now.” 

Okay, I didn’t explicitly say no, but, I say, we are here together now, so the point is we are not finished, we are still playing this game and there is more to this than you realise. So, she drives me over and then, just a comfort level of her allowing me to get in her car and drive me across the parking lot, tells me a lot. 

So, I go for the make out. I did it. So, we keep going. Then there is further clarification from me. Am having fun, come to my place, I don’t alcohol but I do have water, coke or tea. She follows me, pretty knocked out. There is DVD and we slept on the couch. So, what ever you learnt from that, I mean probably not a lot but, three sexual pheromones, I have got so good. Only giving out what’s needed to keep things moving that I don’t do a lot of confusing shit to somebody who loves human pheromones. 


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