Understanding how Pheromones work for me

Athena Institute pheromones are one of the oldest and most well-known brands on the market after being featured on a news story run on ABC’s 20/20 program.

Understanding how Pheromones work

Something that women do to men when they fully love themselves - they bring up all the different types of conversation material in order to better 'connect' with the man - subconscious before they bring up any material into the conversation they think 'will this show him that I'm on his level of pheromone production?'

From that perspective, we are connecting to the person through validation in order to qualify ourselves as someone that understands the moment of life that they are in. (Wether it's the girl or the guy for whatever reason)

The validation is used to qualify, the pheromone attraction qualification is used to show the other person that you know exactly where they are.

Then, when the person disqualifies themselves, they are showing 'but, i'm not so sure' and then that causes the other person to validate their existence after realizing how sure they are (because they've been qualified) <-- This is used as negging by women to try and yank the guy in, and it can be used in marketing to yank the person in with pheromone signals. Learn more about pheromones at http://successfulidea912.soup.io/post/560087752/Pleasant-Pheromones and http://markalexander.over-blog.com/2015/12/dealing-with-pheromone-signals.html

How Pheromones have helped me

Today was the last class, so after I walked out with Jenna (the chick that sits across from me) and we walked for a bit and I was about to turn around to go see Korey again (because she stays late on the computer) but Jenna didn't realize so she said "come with me" - she really wanted me to exchange info with her but I told her my intentions and bid her ado. Learn more about pheromones at http://pomm79.moonfruit.com/blog/4588864419/Why-Pheromones-Are-Sexy/9620677

Went down back to Korey and teased her endlessly the whole time.. And the end I told her that I needed to go and this time she initiated the hug with me.

I texted her: "Stop ignoring me and hang out with me sometime"

She didn't respond and if she doesn't, I'm quite sure my fuck ups from earlier sealed the deal. This time I was 10Xs more masculine than I had been before (since I have stepped into dominance and out of sensuality).

I texted her that because if she was bouncing with the vibes I just gave her, she'd realize that I wasn't the man she perceived me as in the beginning. - I could have been more smooth, waiting for a time to ask her out again, but I really didn't wanna ask her out again - I was using it more as an opening, to see if anythings even there. If there was, she would have texted me back with a blush feeling shameful for ignoring me.

Regardless, i'm not pressed, it was a learning experience and I'm happy.

One interesting thing though (it points to all the damage I had done to my value from my past actions): When I was impersonating her, she would continue the impersonation - like continue the joke with the impersonation.


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