The physiological nature of Pheromones

The physiological nature of ‘drive’ is a matter of considerable dispute, but that pheromones are implicated in one way or another in reproductive drive is indisputable. Unquestionably much of the special behavior is made possible by the presence or absence of pheromones at some particular point in the body. An animal’s — or a person’s— mood may be determined by the particular pheromones which are circulating in the body, rendering the animal peculiarly sensitive to certain stimuli from the environment, so that, say, those evoking reproductive behavior are most likely to produce appropriate activity which at another time of the year, when those hormones are not there, will be unlikely to appear even in the presence of the same stimuli.

The implication of pheromones in the sexual cycle of vertebrates has been particularly well studied according to In mammals, for example, the body of the female must be prepared physiologically so that the result of the mating, the fertilized ovum, may be dealt with appropriately. The increasing day lengths in spring are known to affect birds leading to the enlargement of their gonads.  Learn how pheromones are an effective way to attract women.

This result is produced by the light stimulus received by the eyes acting upon the brain and the pituitary in turn. The increased size of the gonads represents increased output of sex hormones, which cause reproductive behavior such as territorial defense and the appropriate song, the marks of increasing aggression which make male birds isolate themselves from the communal flock in which they have passed the winter. In the song sparrow as the season goes on, and gonad activity increases, the air temperature at which song is inhibited decreases so that song is more easily evoked; a result which could equally be interpreted as an increase in drive, making it more difficult to suppress the singing. Learn more at

In the autumn there may be a slight increase in the gonad activity, smaller than that in spring, but sufficient to produce territorial song and the beginnings of male behavior, without all the courtship behavior which follows in the spring. This shows how closely linked gonad activity and behavior are.

Pheromones and Women

If there is any truth to this experience, we have among the first experience of a dominating pheromonal response in women that provides what might be vomeronasal underpinnings of a woman’s enthusiasm for oral sex according to .

While all the above is possible and most likely true, one must establish acts of oral sex in relation to its mammalian background where pheromonal action stimulates a response that is not unlike passionate kissing for which we have no rational explanation.

Are mammals other men involved in genital kissing? Of course they do! Is fellatio stimulated by the generation of genital odor or is it the end result of male intimidation of the weaker seizing forcing them to surrender power? to threaten, or to acceptance of an alternative to human pheromones and perfumes is not as intimidating as sexual intercourse itself. Hopefully this article will give you a ne and fresh perspective on the power of human pheromones.


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