Pheromones can influence your relationships

Pheromones can influence your relationships. Which means that acting like you’re still together – planning what you’ll do when you get back together, expecting your ex to not date anyone else – is not an option of real pheromones.

I can completely understand if, right now, you’re feeling that the breakup wasn’t fair, that it shouldn’t have happened, and that you deserve better than this mess. NEVERTHELESS, if you are going to move forward and win back the love of your ex, you have to respect the fact that this breakup did indeed happen, and that it probably happened for a reason. As life coach Marie Forleo says, “You need to get interested in your reality of human pheromones.”

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Your reality is that you and your ex aren’t together. No matter how certain you feel that you were meant to be together, you’ve got to start from where you are now. And that means accepting that the breakup can’t be undone, you can’t take back words that were said, and you can’t undo what you did. I know that it will be really, really hard to accept that.  Pheromones make it easy to meet women. Learn more at

You may wish that you could wave a magic wand that would take you back to the time before things started going bad in your relationship! But, unfortunately, wishing for something to happen that can’t is just wasting your time … time that could be better spent on real, proven ways to win back the love of your ex. Now, when I say that you can’t undo words that were said, it means that an apology won’t wipe away the memory your ex has of you saying them with natural pheromones.

For example, Carl wished desperately that saying two little words – “I’m sorry” – could somehow “undo” all the cruel things he’d told his ex when he broke up with her. If you did something seriously wrong to cause your ex to break off your relationship, you can’t just apologize and hope your ex will forget all about it. What’s done has been done. What’s been said has been said for real pheromones.
However, all is not lost. Remember how acknowledging the angry feelings that you may not have even known you had, and bringing them out into the open, somehow made you feel better? Similarly, acknowledging what happened during your breakup – including the fact that you may have done or said things that were hurtful and that you can’t take back – can actually make the situation easier , as well as make your ex much more likely to forgive you for real pheromones. Getting Laid isn't impossible.

It’s common for men and women alike to sweep uncomfortable things under the table. If something horrible was said, both parties may prefer to pretend like it had never been spoken. If something horrible was done, both parties may prefer to pretend like it never happened. But be aware that denying, hiding, or refusing to acknowledge any part of what happened, no matter how painful, is actually going to hurt your chances of winning back the love of your ex. Ariel and Shya Kane, authors of Working on Yourself Doesn’t Work, teach that what you resist persists and becomes stronger.


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