Pheromones and sexual attractants for Men

Today we are going to talk about pheromones and sexual attractants for men, otherwise known as the essence of her vaginal scent. What we are going to teach you is  how to use pheromones to attract a love mate according to

You want to start with a shower and get clean and health by using a perfume that you can mix with your pheromones. Put a small amount of perfume into a dish and rub the mixture into your vagina.  Once you get your lubricant onto your finger make sure to smell the copulins.

Make sure to cat your fingers with perfume and apply all over your body.  Apply to your pulse points like your breasts and your wrists.  Drive your lover wild. Women have been using scent in their personal arsenal for 100 years. Men love your scent. Some call it the chemistry of sexual chemistry.  One of the most popular pheromones on the market is Pherazone which can be checked out here:

Scientists have developed a method to measure the effect pheromones have on our brains.  A member of the opposite sex does not affect a man’s cognitive ability.  They respond but women are simply not attracted.  Based on the tests constructed, pheromones do work on single guys .

Pheromones are airborne molecules that elicit a reaction in members of the same species.  The most potent known to science are aphrodisiacs in the saliva of male boars. A human sex pheromone has yet to been definitively discovered that really works.

Scientists created a double-blind test where women would smell t-shirts to see which one contained sexual attractants.  Each one contained a different formula of androstenol.  Each one will bathed to keep them fresh.  At the end of the test we count up the votes and declare a winner. We asked 50 ladies to pick their favorite fragranced t-shirt.  My prediction was that we would not find anything worth talking about.

Some people think the whole pheromone industry is bogus and they are selling cheap products that do not work. I would say there may be some trust to that but we will never know for sure.  We saw a random distribution our test conclusions and we were not sure about the scientific merit.  Some people did not notice and change in their sexual arousal. Learn about how pheromones attract women.

As the test progressed we saw some interesting choices and interesting reasons. Sweat combined with the pheromones was the favorite smell overall for the women.
Some felt these smells were the most repulsive.

The test subjects showed no particular preference for the pheromones expect for the shirt with sweat. Many chose Pherazone as their favorite brand.

This can be a great way to boost your irresistibility.  Some women have been using pheromone make-up to attract men. This is a new technique and has become very popular.

It’s not just humans who use pheromones. Pherazone is one of the best selling sexual attractant cologne. They attract men to women and they release endorphins in your system.  They make you calmer, more relaxed, and more sensual.  Having used these products for over 20 years Pherazone is the most talked bout cologne I have ever used. I think you will agree.

A pheromone is the chemical substance usually produced by the armpits which increases sex hormones.  They exist in animals and in humans. There are two things animals can use to smell; there are a couple of things responsible for how you receive smells.

The olfactory epithelium processes all the smells and as a result you start to associate those smells with good things and learn behaviors. That is the smell association.

The VNO is responisile for pheromone reception in animals and insects. Humans have a gene that does nothing but it represents your DNA for the VNO. It just does not work through evolution. In dissected fetuses. The VNO is present in the fetus and it gets very complicated.

The primary reason why it is thought the VNO is not active is because we come from a more visual based animal. There’s animals that rely heavily on their scent such as dogs and cats.  We evolved from primates. Nobody has been able to prove the VNO does anything in human being nor disproven. They do not that it is not fully formed.

They know humans transfer chemicals from one person to another but it’s not thought to be pheromonal. There are definitely chemical reactions that are occurring and people can be chemically attracted to each other.

There are different types of pheromones such as signalers; which shows genetic diversity. If you were an ant, you would use signaler. There are four different kinds.

One of the more popular researchers is McClintock who did work on menstrual cycles. She proposed an additional two types.; primers, signalers, modulators, and releasers.

They tell other people in your species what you are doing. For example, I am a male and want to have sex with you.  Releasers are a type that causes an alteration in the behavior of the recipient.

It contains a steroid called androstenol. Basically, this stuff is very powerful aphrodisiac.  When the farmer gives the pigs androstenol it causes them to ejaculate.  That is lardosis.  It makes pigs sexual and easier to artificially inseminate.

There are also primer pheromones which cause developmental changes in the people who receive them.  Primers effect puberty and menstrual cycles in females, and sometimes success or failure in pregnancy. It happens when there is an alpha female present. Her pheromones cause problems for everyone else and synchronize with her menstrual cycle.  There are plenty of reasons why we can think that would happen and one of them is less competition.

If you are on the same cycle as everyone else you will get sperm deposits so it works in your favor to be more charming and witty and winning the affection of the males while everyone else is ovulating at the same time.  I need a further explanation  because they do not really say why. A lot of conflicting information out there.

The effect of breastfeeding on the menstrual cycle is one of the pheromone studies done. It increase the variably of the women’s cycles by 200%.

There is a pheromone exists that increase the variability. If you want to spread fertility then it should be emitted by lactating a female. One more thing …

There are male pheromones that mess with female cycles just because we are super weak.  A cue from the underarms of men can effect the menstrual cycle in 3 days or less.


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