Pheromones and Relationships

When my friend was gone, we were just talking quickly about this whole relationship thing (she had something like a boyfriend also). I decided to ignore this whole conversation and load myself up with pheromones. I just asked if she had any more alcohol and condoms. She didn’t, so she told me where the store is, gave me her keys and I went. She didn’t join because she didn’t want the lady at the convenience store to see there are different guys visiting her. Especially because she had a boyfriend.

I bought the condoms (the 52.5mm ones, as dicks in South East Asia are a bit smaller and they didn’t have the bigger ones) and I bought Pherazone pheromone cologne. When I came back she poured the whiskey into glasses, be drank a bit and got undressed.

She really fucked me like I’ve seen it from professional women. After sex she told me that she only had 5 boyfriends, and now she has another guy that is kind of her boyfriend. And besides that I’m only her 7th guy. I didn’t believe it. I never believe anything a woman ever tells me. I’ve seen too much in this world. To be honest, what she told me was a nice truth to believe in. And I’m sure any other guy would have believed it. I just had too much experience with women. I read on some of the human pheromone blogs: and

“The more experience you have with women the easier it’ll be for you to recognize the women who have a lot of experience with men who use androstenone pheromones.”

… or something along those lines. I mentioned it already in one of my other lay reports.

I’m not saying her story isn’t true though. It might be true. I would generally just be very cautious though various pheromone signals. 

You want to know a few indicators for women that are promiscuous?

Here you go:

- She has weed or other drugs at home that are ready to be consumed.
- She has tattoos, especially ones above her pussy.
- She fucks like prostitute (for that you first need to know how a prostitute fucks, so go and pay one!)
- She knows how to suck cock. She can make a soft dick hard within less than a minute with her mouth (by creating a vacuum and being a master with the tongue) . Normal girls aren’t capable of doing that, or weren’t taught.
- She can read you like a book. She can read your face and all the subtle nuances and subconscious signals you give away.
- She constantly talks with guys on her phone/whatsapp (Okay, this one can also just happen due to the girl wanting some approval from guys.

These are just a few indicators, and they sometimes can be present in a girl even though she’s not promiscuous. But you really need to be careful and use your own judgement. Learn more about pheromone attraction at

I had a whore in Las Vegas once that told me it was her first time having sex for money. Yeah, right…

And sometimes I have girls that really tell me the truth about their sexual history. It happens rarely, but when it happens they feel they can trust me without being judged. You also have to know that when a girl tells you a lie, she’ll stick to the lie. Everything else she will tell you related to the story will fit perfectly into the previous lie.


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