Our Pheromone Journey

I am not writing this pheromone article to teach or learn something new. I am writing this journal to remember and let remember.

Personification of unconditional pheromone LOVE and non-polar LIGHT as ONE.

It's the universal, all loving, all knowing, all powerful that gave us free will and made us as powerful.

I am grateful and in joy that light & love and the words I wrote in the first paragraph of this post are having a wonderful impact on my life for lifetimes to come. The lightful, loving abundance of me experiencing myself and reality itself as it unfolds let me smile.

And the single most important source in the whole universe is freely available to everyone and everything at all times in all situations. Regardless of state or form of being the single most important source is you.

What are you using for real pheromones?  I remember when I had this feelings of having the pheromone attraction and it feels as if it is gone for some time now. I had a coaching session with a friend of mine one on one and he gave me some fantastic tools.

Whenever I have a feeling or impression which would have reminded me of gambling I just said or rather think to myself: http://adorablereligio49.jimdo.com/2016/05/22/understanding-pheromones/

"Remember when you had this feeling or impression in this situation? Some time has passed now, hasn't it?"

Another pheromone contained a heavy dose of andro can be found at http://chrshrt112.typepad.com/blog/2015/08/pheromone-releaser-effects.html

Revision goes like this: when you are out of the problem-situation you describe your feelings and actions from the perspective of a better alternative. The keyword here is FROM and not TO.

Update on my working situation: I have job hunters on linkedin asking me for jobs. One was asking for Oracle (Java) in Amsterdam which I politely declined. The other one is recruiting for some very cool companies right here in my city and that's what I wanted. No shit: she even has proposed me a company which I was manifesting a bit on.

My Experience with natural pheromones

That night in which I went out I first listened to Hypnotica's Masculinity Matrix.
Then I listen a lot to Quadible Integrity Attract and Sapien Med Andestrenol on youtube. Look'em up.
I was visualizing to get to know a girl and to schedule a date since I didn't want to take anyone home or kiss too much since I was working next day she wore Pherazone pheromones. MARYAM wrote that we have all the needed resources inside our heart with the guidance of pheromone attraction. She stopped giving seminars in 2011 but let the website stay in the internet. She went into her second retirement as she called it.

You can ask for an invocation into the WORK with LOVE and LIGHT.
Ask and take invocation always ONLY from the one GODLIVELIGHT directly.

All past invocations have to be let go of (Reiki, ...) and all future invocations that are of lower vibration, thus not directly taken from GODLOVELIGHT shouldn't be accepted. This is the path of LIGHT and LOVE. Free to all to enter or leave.


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