Looking past the pheromone influence

When you commit to the reality that you want with human pheromones, things will start being ripped away from you. When you tell the world that you're ready to take on what you said you were willing to take out, you will reach a momentum where there's no turning back. Pheromones will allow you to influence human behavior.

In the beginning you need to have massive pheromone output, and throughout the whole pheromone process you also need it, but at a certain point you will not be able to enter back into the place you had been before - all that comfort will be stripped away, your past projection will be ripped off the wall.

And you can look at those past dreams being taken away from you as if you can't believe it.. But hopefully you'll be standing there understanding that you are not asking for that reality anymore and when you know that, you know that the reality you are asking for is replacing it with stronger pheromones.

I was talking to my hair cutter today - extremely notorious guy, cuts hair for tons of celebrities. He was telling me how tons of people talk to him about their affairs and so and so. He told one of the wives that was being cheated on to be spontaneous - to suck the husband off out of the blue.. And that got me to talk about how I felt like most men aren't masculine enough with their girls - so the girl becomes bitchy and boring without true pheromones. 

 It's like, the pheromone masculinity pushes the girl to cooperate and share the same level but of femininity.. In other words.. 

If the man is not masculine enough, he won't be dominating his girl.. And she won't be excited and that will cause her to not be as sensual with him.. her sensuality comes from his domination - that breeds more and more intimacy and immersion with androstenone pheromones. Check out pheromones at http://worstthing.org/what-is-a-human-pheromone/

Basically, it was the man's fault that she wasn't spontaneous.
If the man isn't being dominant and taking control of his girl, she'll become boring and bitchy and he'll become suppressed by her. But if the man embraced his masculinity and took control of his girl, she would succumb to him and they would experience a great level of feminine masculine synergy.

Something that came to me in my pheromone journal this morning:

The seeds that you can find are only representative of the needs that you have. An aloe plant will only show itself when you are in need of an ointment for a burn.
If you are fixed in your reality, you will continuously be given the same seeds to harvest in order to help you deal with the continuous struggles that you’re going through. Those seeds will be spread throughout your fields and even if you did find a new seed, you wouldn’t find any need for it because you’re so focused on the need of the other seed. Learn more about pheromones at http://successfulidea912.soup.io

In order to solve the problem, you need to step out of it.

One more point:

Don't just validate people. I have been listening to Kenrick Cleveland's Persuasion Factor and he speaks about Mirroring.. It made me realize something - mirroring allows the other person to validate YOU.


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