Even your understanding of pheromone attraction is different

Even your understanding of pheromone attraction is different. You can't seem to read between lines. You took my statement about things being the same for you literally. I was talking about the bigger picture. You seem to have difficulty in generalizing or abstracting. I didn't say you must volunteer or you must go to church. Implicit in my suggestion was you should find a social activity which appeals to your natural pheromone scent. 

If you are autistic, you have to start using it to your advantage. The advantage is to be able to follow steps rigidly and literally.

You say you are taking action. Implicit in this concept is the idea of correct action. Not all action is useful. Not all action is good. Not all action is sufficient. You have to take the right actions, in the right sequence and in the right quantity. Funnily enough, most people know or eventually figure out which actions to take. The problem lies in the amount they take. Learn more about pheromones at http://mpommett.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-3.html

I'll break it down for you. You need to go through the process of what I call incremental pheromone transformation.

1. Decide on what you want. Let's say it's get a decent-looking girlfriend.
2. Next figure out what steps you will need to fulfil to achieve this. For many guys, the first step would be meeting girls. For other guys, it would be to lose weight, get in shape. For you, I would suggest you need to develop general social comfort first. If people were not talking to you before but they are now it's because you were freaking them out somehow. (It's unlikely all the people in the world have changed.) You are giving off a vibe of being strange in some way. This is probably because you feel socially uncomfortable. So make that your next step, let's say.
3. How do I become socially comfortable? Forget everything else about pickup. You don't need to be reading about phone game. (I'm not saying don't call her. By all means do.) But your energy and concentration should be going into practising the basic steps rather than learning stuff that might come in handy later on. You can cross that bridge later when you come to it. So back to getting socially comfortable. What could be causing this? You mentioned somewhere that it might be because you don't know what to say. So now we have a next step.
4. Practice the art of conversation. (There should be plenty of products to help you with that here.) Pick a good one and get ready to practice the steps within it. So next step.
5. Find people to practice conversation.  Break this down into the next step.
6. Start practising your conversation techniques with people you know. When you are comfortable with this, next step...
7. Find strangers to practice these techniques with. I'm not going to make any suggestions this time because you will take them literally. You must find people to talk to in situations or groups that you like. And if you don't like any of them, then you must choose the situation or group that you dislike the least. At the end of the day, whether you are autistic or not, you are going to have to push against the world. By that I mean you are going to have to do things that are uncomfortable. This is true for all of us. The trick is to choose something that is just uncomfortable enough for us to go a little further than we have gone before but not so uncomfortable that we can't keep it up or we become too scare to try. Anyway, this is the kind of action you need to be taking.
8. If you think this step is too much then break it down even further. Perhaps the mere presence of people is too much for you, let alone talking to them. Then start mingling with people. Going shopping with your mother is good. Now break it down further.
9. Go shopping on your own. Break it down further.
10. Go shopping on your own to places that are really crowded. The aim is to get really comfortable with being around people, having people 


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