Addicted to Pheromones

I was hoping to get a reply from people that are or have been at some point similar to me, and its clear that you have not experienced with pheromones.

I really don't need someone to reply to my post by stating things I already know and stated, I would rather not be reminded of that thanks, but I stated it because I think it might be useful in case anyone had not read my post before about how pheromones influenced my luck with women.

no offence here but the last thing I want is volunteering, the last time I tried that I ended up being punished by losing my benefit and having to beg off family so I could afford to live, I don't know where you are mate, but in the up, people are punished for trying things, no matter how small, I also tried college and lost out due to that, so there's no way I will be doing stuff like that after 9 months fighting to get funds to live on without pheromone attraction according to and

Nor do I want to go to a building where religion is pushed down my throat.

the only damn thing I got from college was that they thought from my time there, 1hr a week, that I show autistic traits, yet no doctor will listen to anything I say, and I have tried many, every time I mention anything about tests, and how I am, they just offer me yet another antidepressant, and imp sick of it to the point of wanting to strangle the bastards.

and about your suggestion things are the same, they are not, as before I was dependent on
toxic pointless medication that didn’t work and made me feel a heck of a lot worse than I do now, and I was with someone for about 2 months I guess, cant recall exactly, but she was on the large side and the drove me freaking crazy, (being needy)

all I am after is for someone to actually help with social shit because I find it incredibly difficult to know what is friendly and what is meant as actual genuine interest.

I am taking action with my pheromone production and have been for a while.

I am still doing hypnosis audio as I have been before.

I also go shopping which I wasn't before, take supplements, better diet, walking

The GB's are not a waste of money because I am learning stuff that I otherwise never even would have been aware of, nor had access to, and this can be used later on hopefully

if I am still the same, how come people talk to me when I go shopping, and they didn't before?

I may know very little on the subject, but I do know that nobody attractive spoke to me for that long before Tuesday so I must be getting somewhere.

screw it, I will listen to some phone game shit and call her Tuesday.

I am starting to wish I was addicted to Pheromone pheromones, I mean at least I could invite her to an empty room and the nerves would be gone.


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