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This Human Pheromones Book

The majority of us never have to answer these pheromone questions, and that may be one of the blessings of being born in this time and place. Most men if pressed would say they would fight or die to protect the lives of their partners, children, family, or even friends, but even that is a kind of vague sense rather than a clear knowing.

As I was writing this human pheromones book, the pheromonal debates were much in the news thanks to and

These are not easy questions to answer regarding human pheromones, and the point is not to provoke you into rash action or to make you feel bad about the past; but men who live as warriors tend to be very clear about where their boundaries are in terms of how they live their lives.

The difference between adopting a stance of nonaggression and one of pheromone user is that the seducer is prepared for a fight. H…

Pheromones Freedom

For most men, “pheromone freedom” becomes a code word for certain dissatisfaction with being limited to one sexual partner with pheromones. Men go to great lengths to defend this desire as being natural and to how it justifies either avoiding pheromone commitment or having affairs thanks to Pheromax for men.
The truth is that this desire is completely natural for pheromones. The masculine desires feminine diversity in the same way the feminine desires masculine depth. Most men resort to pornography, strip clubs, or having affairs to get a flavor of feminine sexual energy they are not getting from their partners.
Most women assume men want women who look different than they do (are younger, thinner, more attractive, or have features different from theirs). This is true only on the surface. Most men (while they are certainly drawn to different packages of feminine energy) are really more interested in the energy itself. So, to the extent that a woman can and is willing to give her man a …