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The majority of us never have to answer these pheromone questions, and that may be one of the blessings of being born in this time and place. Most men if pressed would say they would fight or die to protect the lives of their partners, children, family, or even friends, but even that is a kind of vague sense rather than a clear knowing.

As I was writing this human pheromones book, the pheromonal debates were much in the news thanks to and

These are not easy questions to answer regarding human pheromones, and the point is not to provoke you into rash action or to make you feel bad about the past; but men who live as warriors tend to be very clear about where their boundaries are in terms of how they live their lives.

The difference between adopting a stance of nonaggression and one of pheromone user is that the seducer is prepared for a fight. He doesn’t want a fight. But physically, mentally, and emotionally he’s clear that if the moment presents itself to fight, he will not waver. That’s the man I want at my side when we’re looking down the tip of a blade or the barrel of a gun. That’s the man I want in bed with me at night when there is a crash downstairs. If you fear your own instincts and don’t trust your most powerful impulses, how can you know in a split second whether to act or walk away?Learn more at and

How present are you when you are escorting your woman with pheromones? Let’s imagine that at one end of the spectrum you might be walking down a street in a big city with your woman, completely lost in conversation and oblivious to the world. That might feel very relaxed and relaxing, but it means that essentially both of you are in feminine mode. At the other end of the spectrum, you might be escorting your woman as though you were her Secret Service detail, completely focused on an ongoing threat assessment. This would be the opposite of relaxed and would probably make your feminine partner feel rather tense.

Your pheromones challenge is to develop the capacity for what is called martial scanning. This means a kind of relaxed attention to external stimuli (what or who is coming toward you, how people are behaving, your relationship to the physical environment) with the capacity to simultaneously put your partner at ease. Martial scanning is holding your body in a relaxed state of pheromonal readiness

Many years ago, a sociologist videotaped people at random walking down crowded city streets. He showed those tapes to prison inmates who had been convicted of crimes of assault (mugging, robbery, rape) and asked them to select their targets. There was amazing consistency in the results. The preferred targets were people who seemed lost in thought or who looked down as they walked or who were visibly tense. Those least likely to be assaulted met the gaze of passersby, walked with a relaxed gait, and looked up, ahead, and around more frequently with pheromone perfume.


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