Pheromones Freedom

For most men, “pheromone freedom” becomes a code word for certain dissatisfaction with being limited to one sexual partner with pheromones. Men go to great lengths to defend this desire as being natural and to how it justifies either avoiding pheromone commitment or having affairs thanks to Pheromax for men.

The truth is that this desire is completely natural for pheromones. The masculine desires feminine diversity in the same way the feminine desires masculine depth. Most men resort to pornography, strip clubs, or having affairs to get a flavor of feminine sexual energy they are not getting from their partners.

Most women assume men want women who look different than they do (are younger, thinner, more attractive, or have features different from theirs). This is true only on the surface. Most men (while they are certainly drawn to different packages of feminine energy) are really more interested in the energy itself. So, to the extent that a woman can and is willing to give her man a range of feminine flavors and pheromone experiences, she is more likely to keep her man engaged and aroused with human pheromones. A lot of women, however, are extremely limited in the range of sexual energy they are capable of or willing to give to a man according to

Once I took this girl out on an amazing date and was certain she'd want to see me again thanks to my strong pheromone releasage. When she didn't I was so confused, but one of her friends told me that while the date was fun my breath smelled. Always make sure my breath is ok from then on according to

I've also had dates with girls that became my friends afterwards and told me what things they disliked on the date: me starting to hit on them sexually way too early after approaching them with a more romantic frame and me hugging her in a creepy way.

Try to look back and see if you did any of this or something similar. Sorry I can't provide more examples. If they re-enter your pheromone life then it's easier... i remember one girl, we had an amazing night, it really opened her up sexually (me too) and she left keen as a button. By the end of the week she canceled our next meet up because she was ill...and she fell off the radar. Half a yr later i can't remember how, but i got in touch with her...and we spoke. She was really keen again. Turns out a old flame came back into her life + she saw me as not so into her and not bf material (eg. i wouldn't go travel to hers...etc). Was some good learning about how she saw me. Learn about most effective pheromones.

One has to be careful though, they may not always verbally know the keystone reasons why consciously.

The best thing you could ever do for yourself is realize that you could do the exact same thing, the exact same perfect set with two different girls and get different results.   You cannot negotiate genuine desire


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